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Teaching in China:

TESOL Programs

Mission Statement

Creating maximized work experiences to teach in China, utilizing our direct connections with two of the world’s largest countries – teach without borders.

Due to rapid globalization, the demand for foreign teachers in China is skyrocketing.  ACIF aims to provide opportunities to teach in China by bridging students and graduates from America, directly to schools in China. In addition, we aim to provide programs to acquire certification to maximize their opportunity. Our goal is to not just send volunteers to suburban areas or provide jobs under our contract, but to expand partnerships with schools in both America and China and to create an independent, satisfying, beneficial work experience to all who are interested.

In partnership with the American TESOL Institute ACIF has customized a certification program for all of our participants. Our certification program combines online training with in class instruction to provide our members the opportunity to acquire American TESOL for Children as well as Advanced Certification, which are recognized worldwide for teaching placement jobs.

We guarantee placement into a teaching position with a Chinese school through the State Administration of Foreign Expert Affairs in the People’s Republic of China after the program, with positions available at the elementary through university levels. These positions will have housing, health care, and in some cases meals provided; we guarantee a minimum salary above the average, and the schools will also reimburse your airfare expenses. ACIF will also have a full-time coordinator available to assist our participants with anything they need throughout the program and their teaching contract.

What is the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs (SAFEA)?

The SAFEA is an administrative department of the PRC government, which is responsible for certifying foreign experts to work in Mainland China. Our relationship with this administration allows us to provide high quality working environments and opportunities for potential instructors.

For more information about the People’s Republic State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs click here.

We are currently providing two options to receive TESOL Certificate:

      Beijing                                    Washington, DC

Receive your certification in China! This program offers a one-week China orientation in Beijing coupled with TESOL certification classes and lifetime access to Chinese language-learning software. After this orientation week is complete, we place you into an eight-week training internship with room and board and a small stipend provided. At the end of the internship, we will assess with finding the teaching position at the perfectly matched school. To see current job openings click here.

ACIF is offering this entire program, including orientation, certification, internship, and guaranteed job placement for only $795, which is about a third of the cost of just the TESOL certification if you were to complete the program in the United States.

Key Program Elements

· In country orientation

· Internationally recognized TESOL certification

· Eight Week training internship

· Guaranteed job placement into a paid 6-month to 1-year teaching position which also includes housing, meals, insurance, and travel reimbursement

· Lifetime post program access to the Great Wall online Chinese language software

· No prior Mandarin language experience required

Teaching Internships

Many competitive foreign teaching positions require some teaching experience in addition to a TESOL certificate. This is why we provide a short-term teaching internship for our participants after completion of the certification process. During this portion of the program you will act as an assistant to an English teacher at one of our partner schools in China. This experience is designed to be as instructive and hands-on as possible, in order to prepare our participants to teach successfully in the Chinese educational system.

Will I get paid for the internship?

Some programs have a teaching internship component in which you will be serving as a teacher's assistant. These internships are not paid, but you will gain valuable insight, as well as teaching experience and training. The self-study Teach in China programs offers a paid teaching assignment after completion of the internship, and participants must commit to a minimum of a 3-month assignment.

Where will I be taking the class?

You will be attending the American TESOL International in Beijing.

Where will I live in China during the program?

You will be living in on-campus housing at the Beijing Institute of Education.

Will I receive the certificate after the program?

Yes, you will receive a certificate as well as your internationally recognized TESOL certification upon completion of the program. The Beijing Institute of Education is an internationally accredited institution, and credits earned there can often be transferred to your home school.

Have other questions? Go to FAQ section!

Why get a TESOL Certificate from the International Language Institute?

For over 44 years, the International Language Institute (ILI) has provided top-notch education for those yearning for an internationally focused experience.  Consistently ranked as one of the top institutions in its field, the ILI offers a comprehensive 8-week TESOL Certificate course that fully prepares prospective teachers.  As a result of past performances and reviews, many schools in China, Europe, and the United States hold candidates with a certificate from the International Language Institute in such high regards and view the certificates as such a valuable asset.   

What Advantages will I have if I obtain a TESOL certificate from the International Language Institute?   

 Hands on face-to-face training with knowledgeable and experienced staff!     

 Confidence and extensive training in areas such as lesson planning, skills workshops, and content presentation!

 The ability to earn a higher salary!

 Prestigious and well-respected schools will seek out your services!

When are classes offered?

Classes are offered every 8 weeks, year round.  Upcoming sessions in 2014 are available on September 2nd to October 23rd and October 28 to December 18th.  For more information about scheduling or possible individual study times, please visit or send an email to  

What our students have said about us:

The International Language Institute is first-rate. The rigorous certification program features excellent teachers who help you to not only master the English language and teaching strategies, but also develop skills on your feet in the classrooms. Though I did some ESL tutoring prior to the program, I have learned just how valuable this training is; I am now a better teacher -- for myself and the students. I am delighted to recommend the ILI.

- Louise P., Salzburg Global Seminar, Austria – TESOL August 2010

To find out more about the International Language Institute TESOL program, click here.

After the completion of the program in Washington, D.C., we will guarantee with a teaching job in P.R. China. Look at current job openings here.

( Email: | Online at: | Phone: 202-362-2505 )

Have questions? Go to FAQ section!

Why choose ACIF Program?

ACIF's programs are specifically designed to give participants a well-rounded, complete immersion experience in China. This program combines many different aspects into one inclusive program.

Each program combines a TESOL certification training course, Chinese language course, cultural exchange opportunities such as volunteering and living with a host family, guided travel in China, internship opportunities and assisted teaching placement. ACIF offers different programs tailored to meet specific needs. We also offer scholarship and visa assistance.

I don’t speak any Chinese. Which program should I choose?

All of our programs are designed to be accessible to students at all levels of Chinese language proficiency and experience.

What happens when I arrive in China?

An ACIF representative will be there to meet you at the airport. Please inform us of your arrival and flight information and We will be there to escort you to your accommodations.

How does currency exchange work in China?

There are numerous options with regards to money changing and how much you should bring to China

CASH: You can change foreign currency at the airport and at banks around China. Simply bring the cash and your passport to the bank or moneychanger and they will exchange it for RMB.

TRAVELERS CHECKS: These can be cashed at the airport, hotels, and banks.

CREDIT CARDS: Cards are widely accepted at major stores, restaurants and hotels around China.

Do I need vaccinations to come to China?

We strongly recommend all participants consult their doctor before leaving for China.

Will I have free time on my own?

Each program offers some free time to explore parts of China on your own. However, the programs have been described as "intense" and “constantly on the go." The summer program offers the least amount of free time due to the condensed schedule.

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